Cover Songs- What'ya Mean They Didn't Write It?

Posted by MANNY MO- ditv guest blogger on 2/28/2017 to DITV Community Blog



Dwight Yoakam has a new album called,  “Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars…”


I could tell you “Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars…” is an album by an old Country Music Star doing a Bluegrass Treatment of his radio hits from the 80’s and 90’s. 

Then you would stop reading this blog and move on to more important things like hitting yourself with a rolling pin.  Hang on for a minute and listen to my reason why you might want to buy the new Dwight Yoakam album for a single song.  Yes you heard me, “A Single Song.”


Dwight Yoakam did a Bluegrass treatment of the Prince Song, “Purple Rain.”  “Wha…wha..what,” you asked!!!!  Yes…..there is an outstanding Bluegrass version of the song Purple Rain.


Here is a question for you:  “What is your favorite cover song and do you even know some songs are cover songs?” 

Number 1 or Number 2? That Is The Question of the Day

Posted by MANNY MO- ditv guest blogger on 2/27/2017 to DITV Community Blog

Is it time in your life to discuss if number two is better than number one?

- Manny Mo

DITV Guest Blogger