Vinyl record turntables aren’t making a comeback – they’ve already made one and they’re fully back in the mainstream! From seniors to teens, everyone’s looking for record players that will give their vinyl premium sound. At Down in the Valley, we stock only record players we’re proud to stand behind. 

Our current inventory includes the following fine turntable products.

UTurn Audio - Orbit 

This is some seriously high-end stereo equipment. Available in either black or white, this turntable gives you the speed consistency, tighter bass, and detail you’re looking for. It’s pre-installed with an impressive Audio Technica AT-95 cartridge, includes a one-year warranty, and offers some of the best sound you’ll find anywhere.

UTurn Audio - Orbit - Turntable with Cue

You can grab this turntable in either blue or white. It has the same specs as the UTurn Audio – Orbit listed above, yet it includes a cue. You’ll also get a dust cover, drive belt, AC adapter, RCA cables, a felt mat, and of course a setup guide.

Do you have questions about your options in playing records? Down in the Valley has been serving the Minneapolis area since 1972 and we are truly passionate about vinyl. We look forward to helping you pick out your next turntable.

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UTurn Audio - Orbit - Turntable w/ Cue
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UTurn Audio - Orbit - Turntable
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